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You’re About To Discover The Secret Of Giving Your Beats Maximum Energy

If you listened carefully you would notice they all incorporate vocal samples which subliminally keeps you energized and actively listening. We are going to teach you how to properly use our vocal samples which are professionally recorded and layered perfectly that is going to give you the sound you’ve been missing!





Hip Hop Vocal Samples

Super Producer Secrets Exposed

Producers, Find out how to instantly give your beats more energy using Hip Hop Vocal Samples.



Vocal Samples Add Energy

Vocal samples can greatly increase the energy of your music. The key is to blend it perfectly with the mix and in the right places, which we’ll also teach you how to do properly in the “Successful Producer” e-book which is included as a BONUS!!

Hip Hop Vocal Samples consists of 50 professionally mixed and mastered royalty free vocal samples with variations of solo, medium, and huge group samples from true artists, no actors. You’ll find ad-libbed samples such as “What”, “Ohh”, “Hey”, “Ay”, “Yeah”, and more.

Reasons You Need This Kit:

Generate instant energy to your track.->Tracks with weak vocal samples lack energy


High quality professionally mixed and mastered -> One of the easiest ways to ruin your beats mix is to just use mp3 samples without professionally mixing and mastering them.


Fully separated in folder, import and play – No worries of having to convert to compatible files, we provide high quality mastered wav’s ready for use on all platforms.


Original, Royalty Free Samples -> Don’t get SUED once your song makes it big. Record companies are losing major money in the industry and are looking for any excuse to get in your pocket. If your song becomes a hit, believe me, they will.

Great Bonuses:

15 Bonus Vocal Samples

Successful Producer VIP Edition ebook,

Producer Resources

We don’t just give you great samples, we teach you how to use them. Our ebook is worth the price of the package ALONE.

Not sure how to professionally structure your beats with the samples? We got you covered. Its a special technique that you will want to use that many overlook and causes their music to sound even WORSE! Trust Us.

The Full Vocal Sample Kit is normally $49.99 The E-book $49.99, and the exclusive producer resources we included are priceless as they have never been for sale and are our personal secret sources.

When you purchase today, you will INSTANTLY get all 3 (Full Vocal Kit, E-book, & Sources)



Limited Time Special

Hip Hop Vocal Samples

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

14 Day 100%Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is important to us…

If you aren’t 100% happy just let us know within 14 days…

And we will promptly refund all of your money.

No questions, no hassles – it’s that simple!



The biggest setback for anyone pursuing the music industry or any other business is procrastination and belief in themselves. Invest in yourself today, and reap the rewards.


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